Q: Can replacing the front struts cause damage to the steering rack? on 1995 Chrysler New Yorker

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Front passenger side strut.
The platform that the spring sits on was bent down to where it was almost touching the tire. I heard a noise going 5 mph and thought it was ice hitting the fender. Drove 7 miles to town and back and didn't hear it again. The next day I drove on the freeway 58 miles and didn't notice anything unusual until pulling into my driveway when I heard the noise again. That is when I found the problem. I drove to the repair shop 20 miles away with no problems. I figured that my weight on the other side of the car was giving it clearance to not hit the tire. The mechanic replaced both struts and said the steering wheel would turn left 4 inches before the tire would turn and that there must be something wrong with the steering rack. I told him that the steering was tight and perfect making three lefts and three rights getting to the shop.
(1) Answer
Damage to the steering rack from replacing the struts is not likely. There is no physical connection. The strut is attached to the steering knuckle on the bottom and the strut tower on top. There is usually about 1.5" clearence between the tire and the strut spring plate, assuming the tire size is what the vehicle was equipped with from the factory.