Q: Can overheating damage the wet sleeves' lower seals on a Nissan VQ30DE engine? on 1996 Nissan Maxima

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Thanks to all the help I got so far, I can rephrase my first question, being more specific:

- What is the chance of overheating damaging the lower seals of the the wet sleeves of a Nissan VQ30DE engine?

It's been driven without coolant and overheated but did not shut down. After turning it off and letting it cool down, I realized vapor would come out of the exhaust at normal running temp on a warm day, so I had the heads removed.

Thank you all.
(1) Answer
yes, it can. you can do all kinds of damage with driving it overheated. it does not have to shut down to be an issue.

do not drive it this way till you get it fixed.