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Q: Can idle be set too high and cause a racing sound in the engine? on 2000 Chrysler Sebring

For the last few months, when driving the car, the engine sounds loud as if accelerating constantly. The car has less than 80,000 miles. The mechanic checked everything and reported the car was fine, but it has not sounded so loud and like the engine is "racing" before.
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Have the wheel bearings been checked? Has the mechanic gone for a TEST DRIVE WITH you , to verify the symptom you are noticing????
Wow...Wheel bearings CAN make the engines RPMs race? Who will win? And he needs to do a "test-drive" for an IDLE issue? WOW...Teach us some more of your funky tech stuff!
I find it credible that a clown like witfry12 would come up with WHEEL BEARINGS affecting the idle...maybe smaller bearings would lower the RPMs?
HEY , you must've been working on cars for at least a week now! Sorry to disappoint a genious , but the description given is one of the most common we hear , from people who don't understand WHAT they are hearing. Let's wait to hear back from BobbyKayL......I find it amusing , that someone that posts a 'profile' like yours , would be so insecure as to feel necessary to belittle so many different people whom he's never met , and so inexperienced to believe that an IDLE air control valve is affecting the engine speed WHILE DRIVING , as the post states. your.mechanic.........won't you be my repairpal??????????.......Grow up......your getting boring....still entertaining , but boring.........never mind.......
Bobbykay....If the sound increases as you go faster but your RPM's are not jumping up as well...the problem to address is more than likely the wheel bearings. They will hum louder and louder at increased speeds and can cause some vehicle vibration at high speeds. Fully agree with ziptie, especially since you had a mech. look at it already. Test-drive is to check wheel bearings.
Thanks, I still wish BobbyKayL would respond., Csubak30 , you done been workin' on cars for over a week now??????????.......never mind....:)
Lol! In the immortal words of Charlie Brown : "Oh Good Grief!!" your.mechanic missed this part: "Sounds as if accelerating constantly"....not that it is actually doing such. At least 2 weeks 200-300 miles to the north of you!
Bobby, my best guess would be that your IAC (Idle Air Control) Valve is acting up. To be sure, you really need to have a shop look at it with a live-data scan tool. Otherwise, just replace it and see what happens next...Idle and timing is usually not adjustable in todays vehicles.
I had problems with my 2004 sebring. Sometimes it sounded like the engine would briefly sierge on the xway. At times it would stall at a light. No mechanic could figure it out. I took it to the dealer. It was a MAP Sensor.
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