Q: Can I replace the serpentine belt instead of the A/C Compressor installed and how? on 1999 Plymouth Breeze

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The mechanic said he would have to replace the whole A/C compressor and belt(serpintine?). I don't have the $615 and am in desperate need of repairing my car soon. He says he can also install a bypass kit that would run around the same amount as just replacing the A/C compressor. He also says that I better not drive it. I'm wondering if its possible to just replace the serpintine belt on it without hooking it up the A/C and how?
(2) Answers
I'm guessing the AC compressor has failed and cannot continue to be turned by the belt. The only way to get past this is to replace the compressor or to substitute the bypass kit instead. Sorry about your difficulty.
it shouldn't cost the same to relace the ac compressor bypass as he would with a new compressor. Once the kit is replaced, ther eis no reconnecting the ac hoses. I would also replaced the ac belt as well. It takea a good 3-5 hours depnding what needs to be moved out of the way fo the compressor
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