Q: Can CV axle replacement trigger failure in a front speed sensor? on 2001 Nissan Pathfinder

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I had the CV axles replaced recently and when I picked up the vehicle from the shop I noticed that the ABS light was on. I thought perhaps a sensor had been tripped and would reset itself after some driving. I returned the vehicle to the shop a few days later because the light was still on. They informed me that one of the front wheel speed sensors that the ABS uses had gone out and would need to be replaced.

Is it just pure coincidence that this sensor went out while they were replacing the CV axles? Or is it possible that they might have somehow damaged/broke the sensor during the servicing and aren't admitting it?

As I've never had any problems with the ABS before it seems suspicious to me that this sensor would break right when I had the CV axles replaced.
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You can always ask to have the part returned to you for your own inspection if you feel that they are at fault. If it looks like it has been physically damaged, then it is a possible that it was damaged during axle replacement. Did they specify which WSS (wheel speed sensor) was faulty? Was it the WSS on the same axle as was replaced?
Yes, they did tell me which side it was, but I had both CV axles replaced so that doesn't help much.