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Q: Can CV axle replacement trigger failure in a front speed sensor? on 2001 Nissan Pathfinder

I had the CV axles replaced recently and when I picked up the vehicle from the shop I noticed that the ABS light was on. I thought perhaps a sensor had been tripped and would reset itself after some driving. I returned the vehicle to the shop a few days later because the light was still on. They informed me that one of the front wheel speed sensors that the ABS uses had gone out and would need to be replaced.

Is it just pure coincidence that this sensor went out while they were replacing the CV axles? Or is it possible that they might have somehow damaged/broke the sensor during the servicing and aren't admitting it?

As I've never had any problems with the ABS before it seems suspicious to me that this sensor would break right when I had the CV axles replaced.
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It is possible that they did hit it and damage during the axle replacement. The thing you did wrong was wait to bring it back. Now it is your word against theirs about when light came on. You should have went immediately to the shop office and tell them about light being on. Live and learn. If you have been doing business for some time with them they should offer to split the cost with you.
Yes, in hindsight I shouldn't have left the shop without reporting the light. But even if I had reported it immediately it I suppose they could still try to claim the light was already on when I brought it into the shop.

I'm a regular customer of the shop and have a pretty good relationship with them. I don't think they dispute my claim that the light was on when the vehicle left the shop. It will be interesting to see what happens now when it comes to fixing it and paying for it. Ideally I'd like to get them to split the cost with me.
Two things. If you say they could dispute the light was on when it came in then the tech should have brought that up to his manager before teardown and repair. Good techs do that to keep from being blamed. If I am going to replace a heater core I check the entire dash controls and radio to make sure they either work or don't work before teardown. Cover your ass. secondly I would discuss the amount they may or may not discount before the second repair. That way you get to see how much they value you as a customer to begin with. Just sayin'.
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