Q: Can a rA/C repair on a car cause my transmission to go out? on 2002 Mercedes-Benz CLK320

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I had my 2002 CLK Mercedes serviced at the dealership and now my transmission went out. I never had any problems with my transmission before they serviced it.. When they returned the car to me and I drove it to work I noticed a loud sound coming from the bottom of the vehicle, I drove straight home from work and parked it in front of my house and asked my daughter to see what's the matter. she popped the hood and claimed that the sound seemed like something was stuck.near the bottom of the vehicle. She checked the transmission fluid which okay , I then tried to drive the car forward and backward, but the car would not move. I immediately contacted the dealership and had my car towed back to the dealership. They claim that the problem is my responsibility, but i had no problems prior to my visit. What could have happened?
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