Q: Can a faulty power steering pump "sound" like a racing car... on 2005 Suzuki Forenza

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when it accelerates and when the auto transmission shifts gears. Midas tells me my power steering pump is falling apart from the inside. They said they found that out by using a stetoscope. I have no problem steering the car. My 2 out of town mechanic sons tell me it's the transmission not the power steering pump. Should I take it to the Suzuki dealership?
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Is the noise there while sitting still , turning the steering wheel, or do you hear it after your moving at least 15mph?
Thank you for your answer. Midas misdiagnosed my car. No new power steering pump needed. It was the serpentine belt "tensioner" that had worn bearings. Once replaced, the "racing car" noise disappeared completely. Also, in December, Midas flushed my transmission & replaced the fluid with the wrong kind. LESSON LEARNED: Big car repair companies are only concerned with their profit line & will talk you into repairs your car doesn't need. Trust your car to an independent experienced mechanic. He'll keep your car running smooth because he wants to keep you as a loyal customer.