Q: can a battery replacement cause engine problems? on 2001 Toyota Celica

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battry replaced at walmart, with in 5 miles, motor runs rough, oil light blinks on and transmission shifts only at high rpms. stopped and checked oil, called walmart and guy said it needed oil change. went home, 20 miles. oil light on and check engine light on. next day, start it up and no warning lights on, drive 20 miles, no lights on. stop and shop 1 hour, car runnin ok, within 5 miles, warning lightss on and same problems. 1 week later, same thing, 20 miles, ok shop, start fir home and lights come on and now motor is knocking, bad. what happined?
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if they replace the battery and they install tha one is not for this car maybe can pruce damage to sensors or if they cross tha polariti of the positive y negative this can damage tha computer because tha electriciti current go vicevers but this damage ocurre fast . special if you tray to star the car . another thing happen wen you raplace tha original battery for another original at tha time you take one of end put another tha computer clean all codes and your car go back like new. check your timing belt maybe star to goin off that way you have to many signals . check your alternator for proper power 14.5 battery 12 good luck