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Q: Can a battery change damage a solenoid in the transmission? on 2007 Nissan Pathfinder

Within one month we had to have our fuel level gauge replaced after the dte indicator dropped to "empty" on a full tank of gas and the "Service Engine Soon" light stayed on. Then at 68k miles the battery died. The vehicle drove fine to the battery place, after getting a "jump" from someone. Then, after the new battery was installed we tried to drive off and the car was stuck in a higher gear which made it almost impossible to get going at a green light, etc. We took the car to the dealership and were told that the "Valve body solenoid" had to be replaced. The car was stuck in O/D and the SEL was on. The part costs more than $900.00 plus the cost of labor. I am not sure what the battery change could have done to cause this but ... it clearly had something to do with this problem. Have you ever heard of this before? In addition to this problem, there is no way to shop around for better prices because the one part we need is an exclusive Nissan part that (as we are being told now) is on the national back-order list. So, it could take weeks before it comes in and the car can get fixed!
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I have seen quite few control modules fried after a jump start or a battery replacement.
The usual cause is: the driver leaves the key in the "IGNITION" mode and when the jumper cable or the battery cable contact to the battery it will create a sudden electrical spike - damaging control modules.
You always have to be sure to turn the ignition to the OFF position before you disconnect, connect battery or jumper cables to the battery.
One of the sure way to damage computers is to reverse the polarity by connecting the jumper cables backward, negative to positive and + to -.
Be sure the ignition is off and the cables are connected to the right terminals.


Just a thought. Try to perform a throttle relearn procedure also. The adaptation might have been wiped out by the battery replacement. It's simple, you can do it. Here is how:
1. Make sure that accelerator pedal is fully released.
2. Turn ignition switch ON.
3. Turn ignition switch OFF and wait at least 10 seconds . Make sure that throttle valve moves during above 10 seconds by confirming the operating sound.

That's all. Now take it for a test drive and see if it shifts good. If not, unfortunately you might need the new solenoid.

Another possibility is a fuse popping during the jumping of the battery or a bad connction on the battery causeing pour ground. Before spend over $900, check the fuses and have someone clear the codes in the computer. I will do both for free and do a free diagnostic check so you'll know for sure what is happening.
they are having a problem with the fuel sending unit in the tank I hand it replace at a cost of $355.00.
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