Q: can a bad oil pan gasket prevent a car from starting on 1990 Honda Accord

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87 accord
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If there car has no oil there's a sensor that prevents the car from starting based on the level of the engine oil.
the quwstion was , if the car had a bad oil pan gasket would it cause it not to start,, and no it will not ,, i am assuming that someone has checked the oil level , even if it is low the car will still start..
expecially on a honda , you can drain all the oil out of the car , start it , drive it for a 1/2 mile , and more than likely it will still start and run,, maybe not that good at that point , but it will
sinautoscan you might be thinking of a older gm , when the fuel pump power came from the oil pressure switch , in witch oil pressure had to be 2 psi or more to send power to the fuel pump. it doesnt take much to create 2 psi of oil pressure