Q: Can a bad electronic throttle control unit cause damage to cadillac converters? on 2004 Cadillac SRX

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I took my cadillac to the shop because i was having problems with the engine stumbling and losing power. they replaced the electronic throttle unit (throttle body assembly) and the MAF sensors as well as a new EFI fuel injector. 14 days later my car has the same problem and now theyre stating that the damaged throttle body has caused the caddilac converters to crap out. Is that statement reasonable or are they just trying to milk us for money? please help! Thanks in advance
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Anything that fails that puts extra fuel into the exhaust that makes the converter(s) work harder than normal to burn off excessive fuel will make the converters hotter which can make them fails. If fuel injector not working properly and put too much unburnt fuel as can also a bad MAF or throttle body depending on how each fails and they could make engine too rich or too lean (lean make engine hotter and can burn valves or pistons, rich makes converter hotter until it fails, If you need it diagnosed and repaired and would like a FREE LOANER VEHICLE just call Roy 757-456-0722
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