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Q: Can a bad ABS sensor cause issues with the rear end slipping? on 2006 Lincoln Navigator

The rear end in my mothers vehicle suddenly seemed like it has almost completely went out. The ABS light came on and when I drove it the rear end felt like and sounded like it was coming out. Popping, grinding, etc... It also on several occasions hardly wouldn't even pull out of its tracks.

I took it to my local dealer to have them inspect it and give me an estimate on repairing. On the way there the thing seemed to start doing a little better but a message came on the dash that said something about checking the limited slip differential. I'm not sure if that's exactly what it read as I was only about 2 minutes from dropping it off at the dealer when it came on.

The slip/traction light was also going on and off when the rear end was slipping.

That said, I received a call from the tech at the dealer today and he said that it was a bad rear abs sensor that was causing the problem and it would cause them to slip as it would cause it to send false readings to the differential.

He gave me a price to replace the sensor and said the book called for 2.5 hrs of labor (high labor seemingly) and the cost of the sensor. I asked him if he was sure that this was the problem and he said that he wasn't a 100% sure but his guess was in the higher percent of being what he thinks is the proper diagnosis.

I told him to go ahead and order the part and replace it and let me know when it was done, but late this afternoon I got to thinking could a simple sensor cause that much trouble all of a sudden? Is there more wrong than just that? Is 2.5 hrs of labor at $110 per hour too much to bill for changing a sensor that should seemingly only take at minimum an hour? Unless it could be an internal sensor? I'm not sure but I have changed break pads before and know that the speed sensors are fairly easy to get to on most vehicles.

I don't really know for sure. These are just some questions I'll have to ask them when we speak next, but I thought I'd seek a little advise about the issue at hand from some unbiased individuals and just get an idea of weather or not I may have a more major issue even after shelling out $300 plus on replacing a sensor.

Oh, and another thing the tech told me that either the car was reading zero mph when the wheel turned, or the wheel was reading zero mph. Not exactly sure exactly how he said it and please keep in mind that I'm not quoting his every word. I just want to be clear that I may have some misinterpretations of what he explained to me.

Thanks in advance for your responses.
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2.5 hours is for 2 sensors, the left and right. 1.6 per side. It seems hard to believe the both failed together but anything is possible. the fact that there was no voltage is a accurate test. You need to see ac voltage from the sensor when the wheel turns. I think you have differential issues that need to be addressed first before doing this repair. I would repair the rear first and see if the problem is still there.

Thanks for the response. It was to my understanding that it was for only one sensor. The tech said that the had to order the sensor and the cost for it was around $60. I may have misunderstood but I'm pretty sure that's what he said. I will discuss it a little more with the tech first thing tomorrow. Any Ideas on the average labor to inspect the differential?

Thanks for your help!
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