Q: Camshaft possitioning on 2002 Volkswagen Passat W8

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Hi, there! My vw passat W8 is running rough, Had it check, after replacing 6 coils and two injectors,which was sum of the codes which flagged up.
Still not right, on start up fine , then 15-20 sec later idles rough, runs fine above 1700rpm.
Cam shaft to crank positioning error
Can this be reset or it is engine out and do cam belt?
thank you
(3) Answers
I would check your cam shaft sensor(s), they do wear out. There is usually one for each bank of cylinders.
I was having the same problem with mine luckily mine went out before my warranty was up so i took it to the dealer they replaced the camshaft actuator and it runs amazing now actually better than i remember
Just a guess here but I'm getting ready to have the balance shaft belt replaced because my w8 with 95,000 miles is starting to idle roughly. the belt wears out and the balance shafts smooth out the engine natural imbalance due to w8 configuration of cylinders