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Q: Camry XLE v-6 w/246k road miles. Power Steering Rack Replacement question. on 2003 Toyota Camry

At 231k miles, Power steering return line replaced by dealer. Same dealer, at 246k miles, now saying need power steering rack replaced, $1200+. should I question this repair, given that they just worked on power steering 3 months ago?
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Possibility that maybe you had more than one leak and they fixed the worst one first. They should have informed you if this was the case.
Are you having any problem with the steering? More info. Do not give 1200. for this repair! Rack list for 400. at NAPA leaves 800. to play with
Wish i had the job!! With that many miles on the clock may find a rack for less $.
You drive 5,000 per month? Or has it been longer since they did the work?
I commute 110 miles every day. Traveled alot this summer. Just today the steering locked and pulled to the left when I applied brakes in normal city traffic (35 mph). Think its time to get another car, just hate to do it knowing I will be racking up miles with this long commute. Thanks for your answer.
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Yes I agree. perhaps there was an additional leak. HOWEVER, if you really did travel about 15k miles since then, eventhough its only been 3 months, thats about a little over a years worth of driving for average mileage. So with that being said, it's not necessarily that you HAD another leak at that time or they missed it. A YEARS WORTH of driving is still a years worth.
Now as for cost. There's nothing wrong with getting a second opinion on if you actually do need to replace the rack. Also, feel free to price check around. Their price is THEIR price. It doesn't make them wrong or's just what THEY charge. We offer FREE visual inspections as a part of our WINTER SPECIAL coupon. We're here to help.
Thanks. I think they misread the mileage, I believe it was 237k, not 231k., anyway that is what they put on the service order. I have a long commute and did quite a bit of driving this summer, but probably more in the 7k range, not 15k. I've replaced the right axle twice on this vehicle, timing belt, other pricey repairs. Beginning to look around for replacement, just hard to bite off a monthly car pymt right now. At some point I need to cut my losses and get more reliable vehicle. Thanks for your reply.
I just re-read your earlier reply.........Says it pulls "left when braking".........if that is the case , it might be a BRAKE system problem , rather than a steering problem.
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