Q: Camry will not crank over on 1992 Toyota Camry

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1992 Toyota Camry automatic 4 cylinder

Ok so I went to the store car ran fine came home and 2 hours later went to start car car made click noise so we had aaa come out they checked battery and put a charger to help it start when key is inserted into car car lights and all buzzards come on but will not crank checked fuses all good, but the bad thing is I went to try again and now my key won't fit in ignition it is very hard to turn and get out of ignition so I tried to bypass ignition to see if anything else broke I took small wire from starter and tried to jump no sound no turn over, can't figure what it is I'm hoping it's the ignition since it decided to be stubborn, if anyone can help that be great, also if your a mechanic in Los Angeles maybe we can work something out so we can repair car.
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