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Q: cam tensioner on 2002 Audi A4 Quattro

timing belt was just replaced and now the cam tensioner is making a noise at idle and goes away with increased rpms
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There is a cam tensioner as well as belt tensioner. the cam tensioner is hydraulic and operates by oil pressure. have the pressure checked since oil sludge and pressure loss is common when synthetic oil is not used. left unchecked this can cost you a motor. doing a t-belt should not create a cam tensioner problem. are you sure the noise is from the back of motor, not t-belt area?
backyardtech, this dealer tech apologizes. its called a camshaft adjuster not tensioner. however, if engine oil pressure is low the "tension" on the chain connecting the intake and exhaust camshafts will slacken causing noise and possible wear of the shoes the chain is tensioned by. the audi tech bulletin #2010294/5 who's title reads (and this is copy and paste) The camshaft adjustment is hydraulically actuated and controlled by the engine oil pressure. If the engine has been turned off for a long time, the oil pressure drops down and the oil partially flows back into the oil sump.

To ensure an efficient camshaft adjustment right after an engine cold start, the oil pressure inside the camshaft adjusters must be built up as fast as possible. During this time, a rattle or knocking noise may be noticeable.

This noise is normal at engine start and will last until the oil pressure is fully built up, which takes about 1-2 seconds
those are audi's words. my words are from experience.
It's called the timing belt tensioner and most likely the tensioner was not tightened properly. If the car has a lot of miles on it should have been replaced.
It is not called a cam tensioner it is call a timing belt tensioner. It is not oil feed from the engine. It is a self contained unit that is oil dampened.
It is not called a cam tensioner it is call a timing belt tensioner. It is not oil feed from the engine. It is a self contained unit that is oil dampened.
Someguy I stand corrected, Further studying there's at 4 TSB's on the Camshaft Adjuster. I also see that it should set one or more of these codes P0010, P0011 and P0012. I also found this. It seems that there's a sludging problem with this engine. It would be a good idea to use a full synthetic lubricant. I ment do disrespect Someguy. It's clear you are more experienced on audi's than I am. It is very hard to know all the oddities of every car manufacture. The bottom line is hopefully this RepairPal user will find this info helpful. Hope we have helped you saint0327.
Customer Concern: Check engine light is on with trouble code P0011 (16395) present.
Tests/Procedures: 1. This code can be set by a sludged up engine, check for signs of internal engine sludge.

2. Using a Audi compatible scan tool, enter output diagnostic test mode and actuate the solenoid valve for the camshaft adjuster. The solenoid valve should click when running this test.

3. If clicking is heard then inspect the mechanical camshaft adjuster- look for signs of sludging.

4. If no clicking is heard then remove the connector from the valve and test the internal resistance of the solenoid. It should be 10-18 ohms. If out of specification, then replace the solenoid.

5. If in specification, then test for power at terminal 1 with the key on or running. This power is supplied via a fuse through the fuel pump relay. Check for the ground signal on terminal 2 back to the Engine Control Module (ECM).
Potential Causes: Defective Camshaft Adjuster
Contaminated Engine — Sludged up engine.
Defective Solenoid

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