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Q: Cam sensor and crank shaft. what are they used for in car? on 1993 Chrysler Concorde

Took my car in two times allready firsttm you said they fixed the crank shaft. When I got my car back drove it a little way my car went out again. Took it back they said that the cam sensor wires were not coated and were exposed. Dose this make any sence. My car will stop then restart maybe 4 times a day.So would that make my car start up then die on me while I'm driving it?
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The camshaft and crankshaft need to be in synchronization with each other for the engine to run. The fuel and ignition systems rely on the camshaft and camshaft signals to trigger when and how much fuel gets injected into the cylinders, and when the spark arrives to ignite the fuel. Critical and key inputs for the engine to run but if they fail or fail intermittently the car won't run or may stall.
i replaced both cam and crank sensers and the car is still stalling ,i have notice it does it when im down to about 2 gallons of gas then a hour later it starts with some hesitation could it be the pick up screen on the pump 562 318-7744 john sorry 4 butting in just curious by the way mine is a 1999 chrysler concorde
ok someone PLEASE help me...I have a 2003 concorde LXI and not only did I have the camshaft and crankshaft issue, I had the crankshaft replaced due to my car just stalling out on me whenever it felt like. Well, now it starts whenever it feels like it. The engine turns over. Everything works well. Everything has been checked. The engine light comes on whenever it wants. I had that checked and the codes say that the catalytic converter needs replaced. What is causing my car not to start? It will end up starting twenty minutes to an hour later. The mechanics have no clue cause it's not doing it when I take it to them. I get stranded and I'm a female in the military and I get sent to some pretty jacked up places and I don't wanna get stuck somewhere. I don't want a new car cuz i just paid this off and I can't afford a new car payment. I've had the engine and transmission replaced. Any answers?angi
I had a '95 New Yorker and was plauged with it quitting intermittently. Sometimes it would quit after it had just got up to operating temperature, other times it would run for hours and other times it would run for days. Getting it to start was just as inconsistent. Sometimes it would start right back up, other times after it sat 30 minutes to an hour it would start and other times it had to sit till it was cooled to the outside temperature. I tried different things and finally WHEN I replaced the crankshaft sensor the problem went away! If I were you that's where I'd start. Unfortunately it's kind of tough to get to. It's down low on the back lower side of the block on the passengers side. 1 bolt holds it in place and it has a 3 wire plug on it. Careful because the housing is plastic, use a twisting pulling motion to get it to start coming out.
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I know this post was years ago, but I'm posting just in case someone else has a similar problem and can find my input helpful. I have a '98 Concorde with the 3.2 L. Just as the poster, it died while driving. After having it towed, fuel pump replaced, and cam and crank sensors replaced,got the car home. Drove it for a bit and it died again.Car would initially just have a hard time cranking before it finally turned over, but then it just died and left me stranded again. After seeing another post on this site, I realized that it had to be the cam/crank sensors again. After market parts were put on the first time (After market parts are usually cheaper and work just as well in most cases...I'm a fan of using them). But apparently Chrysler doesn't take too well to them when it comes to the cam and crank sensors. Just to be sure, replaced the cam and crank sensors with MOPAR parts (while battery was disconnected). Starts like dream now. All cam and crankshaft position sensors are NOT the same. Do yourself a favor, spare yourself the headache I went through...get the Mopar parts and end the madness.And for the above poster: yeah...make sure that your wires are not bare. They should have a sheathing on them, but if that has worn for whatever reason, you can replace the connecting wire harness.
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