Q: Cam seals, gears, and adjuster replacement on 2002 Audi A4

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I am being told that my Cam seals, gears, and adjusters need to be replaced. (car leaked oil). 1.) Is this "normal" on a 7 year old car and 2.) car was in 2 weeks ago for 105K service which included timing belt and water pump replacement. Could this have been done incorrectly causing this issue? thanks
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These are wear items and they do wear out, but they are normally replaced as part of a timing belt job. I would take this back to the shop that replaced the timing belt (if different), see if they replaced any of these items, which would make this a warranty repair, or ask how they missed these items just two weeks ago.
How much might this cost? I have a 2002 A6 2.7t and oil is leaking out the back of the engine. I was told I need cam adjuster seals / plugs replaced. Major work and a lot on labor involved. I had timing belt changed as car has 102k a little while back. Audi said they would not change these items when timing belt is changed.
check your previous bill. were there 4 cam seals/plugs charged out? these seals cover the bolts in the cam pulleies that need to be loosened to do a t-belt and should have been replaced. there should also be 2 valve cover gskts since the cams need to be physically held to time the engine. i'd be wondering what else could have leaked. (assuming your car is an 02 "a"4 not "s"4 which should be a 3.0l)
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