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Q: cam and crank position sensors on 1994 Buick LeSabre

Is there a certain gap that must be maintained when replacing these sensors? I am replacing these trying to find the problem with this car. It dies intermittently and gives no codes. What causes no codes to be stored. Three mechanic shop have tried to fix this car with no luck. so I am going to replace these sensors unless you can tell my something else to try, to fix the dying problem. It only happens upon slowing down, never at freeway speeds and so far not at city speeds either, only upon slowing down. Any help would be appreciated.
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Older cars you used to have to set the gap between the sensors and the tone ring but newer sensors are fixed and don't have provision to become "adjustable." Intermittent problems can be hard to find but are usually sensor related (the sensor heats up and fails) or wiring harness related, sometimes even control module/computer related. 1994 cars are pre OBD2 diagnostic capabilities. On Board Diagnostic 2 measures sensor open, sensor shorts and sensor performance, OBD1 which is the diagnostic capability level of your car was not as advanced in its capabilities.
What engine do you have in the car? Does it restart ok or is there extended cranking before it starts.
The engine is the 3.8 Litre V6, Engine Family R1G3.8V8GFEA. It will restart immediately, all I have to do is put the transmission in neutral and restart it before coming to a stop. Although sometimes when I put it in neutral it will not do anything as though it is still in gear.
crank sensors are often a culprit ,, bout $35 if you shop a bit,, will need a harmonic balancer puller and a breaker bar to get the bolt out of the center ,, put a bar on the socket and wedge it well and hit the key for a split second.. the sensor only goes on one way and often gets dirty and oily since it is on the bottom of the engine. pull the passenger tire off and the splash shield and it will be staring at you.. the maf sensor is pricier but a 2 minute job ,, will need a torx bit and it goes on like it looks like it came off ..
I had a weak relay that powered the computer do this. Try finding the relay that powers the computer, and switch it with a like relay in the box, to see if this fixes the problem. No cost to try, only time.
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