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Q: california engine on 2000 Buick Century

I have california engine with all that emission control gadgetry. How do I unplug cardone smog pump. Will it run without it?
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why do you want it unplugged? it does not effect how the motor runs, just cleans up the exhaust when cold to burn unburnt fuel.

Because the air modules kept blowing the top off, and I dont live in California. The car wont run and I was told I had to disconnect that pump to make it run without the air modules
Well it could be. There are 2 of them and the one in the front I could take off, and plug it off, but the one in the back I could not reach. I was told to crimp it off. But the car wont stay running and I was told if this engine had that pump on it that it would have to be taken off also in order for the car to run
the only reason i see for this is if the catalytic converter is clogged and the only way for the motor to run is to let it breathe through the check valves.
it would explain the symtoms you gave me. does this sound like what they told you?

Oh gosh. I am not sure. I just know that that vavle blew the top off, and it has gone downhill since. Can the converter be unclogged without any problems? I cant afford a new converter.
unfortunately no. it must be replaced. you can call around to see what the bids are for replacing it.
could range anywhere from 500 to 1000 depending on what kind of converter is used.


Thanks. I appreciate all your help. The car is not running and I can't get it to the shop. But it started by those valves blowing the top off. I guess it is too complicated to replace myself if I could buy one? Also what signs would I notice if it is the converter and not necessarilly those valves>
hard to say without me acually touching the car to see.
as far as you doing it, it is a main part of the exhaust. at times, you need a torch to loosen all the bolts without breaking anything. the short answer is no, i do not believe you can do it.

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