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Cadillac Seville STS (37 Reviews)
I am an 18 year old kid and bought this as my first car. That being said, I don't expect it to last me that long cause when something goes wrong it is very expensive to fix it.when that day comes I'll have to part it out:(
Purchased in 1999, original owner, I only drive it occasionally and have around 71k miles on it now. Only 1 major issue with the vehicle - a nagging vibration at 65mph caused by either axle or something in the suspension up front. Original tires, and replacement tires as well as rims have been high speed road force balanced twice but vibration continues. Replacing the axle will be next, something I can do in the driveway. My Northstar burns oil, always has, like a big block truck motor it uses about a quart for every 2500 miles. Holding my breath for the notorious head gasket failure. If that happens, I'm off to buy another brand this time around.
Love the smooth engine and the thrill of power, drives great. 142000 miles I do have an oil leak and 3rd light is half out tail lights get condensation in them. Center console cup holder is broken will not stay stored. Car still looks great and still has a great shine.
my car has 251,000 miles and is still going strong--put used struts & windshield in it in the last 3 years--5000 rpm at least once a week for a couple minutes to keep that northstar from useing oil works--use a quart every 3k---don't drive a northstar like a grandma and it will treat you right!---love this car---
when I brake pedal and the car is hard not to
Bought my '95 in 2010 in Cheyenne, WY, I sold new Cadillacs in 1995, that is why I had to have this car. 167,000mls, drove very well, engine needed some help, so I gave it to the Cheyenne cadillac service shop and they did $6500 work to it, purged exhaust manifold, new rotors, brakes, front struts, 5 new tires, 5th rim, new speakers, new plugs/wires, 4 new wndw motors, later bought new front bumper facia, self instl-hard! :( needs painting now.....the frnt psngr wndw motor hung up, caused door to malfuntion then wndw failed.....broke down door, can see alignment arm but not where it goes.....rats!
I own a 1999 Seville STS with 193k miles. The only issues on the interior are:

Front passenger door lock switch will only un-lock, not lock.
Front passenger window regulator failed, needs replaced.
Brake light circuit open, switch needs alignment.

Only mechanical problems are:

Right rear air ride strut has air leak, causes compressor to run often. Does not affect driving performance but will cause compressor failure if not repaired. Going to convert to coils.

Front end alignment is good, but steering wheel is not aligned to the center postion. Does not affect driving performance.

Car is still going strong. not throwing any major codes. Compresssion is stil good, head gaskets are good. Brake rotors have a minor warp but nothing too serious.

Beautiful to behold. Always silky smooth to drive.
Fifth generation Seville touts a K style Oldsmobile Aurora body, the structure much stiffer with front-drive drivetrain featuring the muscle Northstar V8 and 4T80-E four-speed automatic (which is probably its worst component)
I miss the wreath crest, but otherwise, the lines are striking and the crimson red exterior and cream leather interior are eye catching.
Paid too much - the dealer wore a starched white shirt and cuff links in a Italian suit and proclaims he's just a country boy. KBB says it's worth $5K but you couldn't match the luxury feel and the dependability for that.
Well,one day at lunch time I went a eat at a fast food place and went inside to get my meal,turned the car off as always. when I returned I put the key in the ignition and turned the key and got nothing,no click,not anything. All the lights come inside and out, so I thought it was the starter,got a new one and put it on, battery was low so another battery to help start the car,it turned over but would not start, so I asked my friend next door for bust and when he put the cable on the and I tried starting it, it wouldn't say anything at all,I don't understand what could be wrong!!
I was driving to school no less then 10 minutes ago, every thing was fine. THen the low oil light went on. I changed it last week so i knew that was off. Then the power steering went off, i managed to turn into my college, then fuel injection failed. Everything still worked, i turned the car off then back on, and every thing worked. I am taking the old girl to the shop, but does anyone have any ideas why this happened.
I own a 1998 and 2003 Cadillac STS, both have had oil leaks and driver's seat heater failure at approximately 85,000 miles. The resealing of the crankcase and oil pan requires removing the transmission. Paid $1,500 each to reseal the engines. The seat heater requires pulling the cover and cushion back and splicing the broken wire feeding into the heating pad. I paid $245 to have a repair shop do this on my 1998 STS. I did it myself on the 2003. I use a single strand, out of a light gauge electrical wire, to make the splice. Then wrap the splice with electrical tape.
Love this car and the color mulberry red, like the caddy rims wish they were 18's. This car has everything sunroof heated seat and mirrors onstar bluetooth 6 cd changer power, speed, leather, backup sensors. just bought this for 5k W/ 135k mile good buy or bad whats your thoughts out there holla back.
I have a 1997 cadillac sts. None of my windows work not even the moon roof. I dont know what fuses to check or where to even begin! Please help :)
My 99 has 175,000. Ive had the head gaskets done, replaced the radiator, and a few small items. Only the drivers side window works. The other 3 had the regulators break within 2 days of each other. Need to replace ABS sensor in right front. Upgraded the speakers from Bose to Sony. HUGE DIFFERENCE. Has 20's on her. Really does compromise the ride but you get used to it and they look great. I love this car but Im going to have to sink even more money into it to make it right. Should not have to do that on a car over 50K new. Wise up GM
after replacing an alternator the remote has stopped working; the car is unable to lock up and the gas tank is unable to open
Car runs even better than the day that I purchased it. Purchased at 82K miles needed new brakes, tires, and crankshaft sensors but runs like new now. The handling is great for a car as big as it is and it rides smooth although the brakes you have to stomp on to get the car to stop(maybe bigger breaks on a 4000 pound car next time GM) But the engine and the exhaust systems run amazingly no issues except the north-star oil leak. Accessories are top notch as well
horrible automobile
dude this car is forever is the best!!!
Everything I ever wanted included leather interior and an easy to use dash, good mileage on cruise control, love the back up assist and moving mirrors. Small things like shift knob "wood" is faded. It goes through oil but I've had VWs that leak more. Reached 90K and just put on new tires and needed major overhaul on the power steering, alignment etc. Sometimes it's not as smooth on the freeway, steering wheel vibrates but maybe thats L.A.
i love this car very fast, but ever seville i see including mine have a tail light out, on mine its not the bulb or the fuse ???
overheating issues
I got this car about 1 month ago and within this first month I have changed both the front and back brakes, put in a new battery and now my alternator just went! I absolutely love the way the car drives and how it is smooth. But the repairs are costly.
Purchased 1996 STS used in Spring of 1998 . Body and interior still perfect. No hint of rust , no rattles noise or wear on inside, Car looks, rides, drives as good as the day I bought it. Zero mechanical problems other than routine maintenance and oil changes. Engine uses no oil and runs perfect. Only real issue I have had is some electrical problems with power windows, climate control module, and traction control module. Best car I ever owned and plan to drive this until the wheels fall off. Have no desire to ever get rid of this car. Absolutely love this car!!!!!!
Replacement HID Headlights cost more at the Cadillac Dealer Parts Dept. than what the whole car is worth used. Other than that, I believe this is the best car for the money .... that money can buy. I made the mistake of buying my wife a used 2001 Seville STS , and now I'll have to pay four times what I paid for this car, to replace it with ANY make of car that is only half as nice as this STS was when i bought it.
I love the way my car drives, smooth and comfortable and everything inside works. Only problem is the pretty fake wood trim around the gear shifter is breaking away. If I keep my speed below 65 I get between 25-35 mpg with cruise on, of course, depends on the road grade too. It is costly to maintain the way it needs.
I have a 1993 Cadillac sts and it is over 17 years still runs but i have had to do a lot of replacement work on it recently. The transmission will give you issues once you pass the 170,000 mile mark but the engine is the best I have ever seen (except the slow oil leak of northstars). I love this car but it is expensive to repair if not maintained. I will drive it until it wont drive anymore.
I have owned my Cadillac since it was new in 2001. Now with 100,000k miles, I have had absolutely no major issues with it at this point in time. Now the car does have the common North Star Oil leak, and it has had the intermediate shaft replaced. Those are not serious failures. But these are the common issues, and I don't care about a little bit of oil under my 9 year old car. All in all, this car has been very trouble free and it has more performance and handling than half the cars out there, and it will keep going for as long as I keep taking care of it.
the right brake light fills with water, center trunk light never works, tires are pricey
Engine would make a good lawn ornament
I just bought a 2003 STS and this car is the best car that I have ever owned.