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I get heat only when i turn on my air conditioner
All electronics working. Code reader didn't return anything.
Tried the switch in the glove box, went to on and off and tried both ways still not help. trunk button works, goes up and down but cannot figure out why the top will not go up or down, like I said just replace the battery cause it went dead. the top was down at the time the battery was replaced. never happened before.
Top will not go down had it looked at, at a chevy store, tech put on a tech 2 To see what codes came up. The only code that it came up with that would have any possibilty effecting the roof. Was a truck sensor showing truck to be open,but it's not open The truck will open and close when you push the buttons
Now I don't know if this is related but we have found the truckbl open 3 time. Don't know if the button is being accidentally pushed in my pocket. But one of the 3 times was the wife had the car and she does not keep the FOB in here pocket Where would the truck sensor be located and how could it be checked. Or any other suggestions thanks in advance
Sometimes it will reset by turning engine off/on. What is the issue?
bottom of car hits bottom of driveway when I pull onto street, was told this is broke the bolt holding radiator in place. The only reason I knew that I had problem was I could see something in front end of car was lower on one side, no problems with car running hot or leak that I knew of. Was told when radiator moved out of place it cracked radiator?
My drive control and hood engine control has been replaced twice because of water not draining out of the needle size hole on the hood module compartment. My corvette/XLR certified mechanic said I should drill a much larger hole in the compartment. I can not even find out how the water is getting in.
Is there a common problem with oil leaks from the engine????
No other details at this time….
it give no warning, no code, no ck engine light and after ten min or about that it start up no problem. dealer has put new everything related to fuel system and its a problem that i just don't know
When activating roof retraction motor, it sounds labored when putting roof up or down now. Is there a fluid service level that may be low, or lube points that may need service?
My primary fuel pump was just replaced, now my fuel gauge is stuck at 5/8ths tank. What happened and how is this fixed?
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