2004 Cadillac XLR Questions

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Unhooked battery, kept running.
Found fuse box and pulled the eng
I used the key to open the trunk at the rear bumper, now the trunk won't open automatically with either the fob or the button. Is there a re-set switch?
The CD player has cd's in it, but it won't allow me to play them or eject them. At the same time, the trunk will not raise automatically. This all began over the winter after I changed the battery.
top won't retract. I can not find a specific fuse
We were in a accident the car is totaled but the airbags never deployed. I am going to try to rebuild the car, I am sure it is going to be tough. But I am going to give it all I can.
Change the fan but it's still not working
I have this beautiful car but lately the top will not go up . My husband have tried everything. The top DOES go down but it will not go up. What do you think causes this? Also we were advised that , it could be a hydraulic fluid issue? What kindof hydraulic fluid would go into the hydraulic pump of a 2004 Cadillac XLR ?
The anti theft sys won't let it out if park, is it a fuse or something we can by-pass to get it out of park.
Firestone has quoted about half that.....only thing is that they would not be able to get the warning message off the information center.
being told that there are two fuel pumps for my is available, the other on national back order. we are 233rd on a list to get long will that take?
I have a 2004 xlr and sometimes the trunk won't close by pushing the button under the trunk lid
No power to radio or Onstar. Saw powder like substance around radio frame.
my caddilac xlr trunk wont close ,my battery had to be replaced and since then it wont go down , it works with the key opener but wont shut with the other buttons on the trunk or in the car, what can i do to close my trunk tight?
i am changing my Camshaft and will like to know how many do i have
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