2009 Cadillac STS Questions

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fob functions open and lock but can only open door from inside
i can lock and unlock but van only door from the inside
No turn signal click vehicle drives operates great
It says engine power reduced p
My 09 sts 3.6 when cruise control is on it feels like the transmission is slipping. .it makes no noise ..could this be the transmission or something else I have 109,000 miles on it
Works from inside but not outside. Can't open door from outside.
When turning in close places i.e.parking lot . Power returns after car is parked for a short time. Inconvient, is this dangerous?
Took to dealer twice, still not working correcty; they performed shift linkage adjustment.
Exmple- I'll pull into a parking lot @10-15 mph, go over a speed bump at slower speeds (sometimes while turning) and when I attempt to straighten the wheel it becomes stiff and hardly responsive...then the "power steering maintenance required" pops up.
So then I'll turn the car off, wait 15-30 seconds , restart the car then turn the wheel in park and its fine. It has happen 4x's so for since i bought it in may 2014.
Thank you in advance for your knowledge.
Very difficult to get too, any advice on taking off the trunk inside cover.
No problem finding the oil drain plug on my '08 STS, but cannot seem to find it on my '09 STS 3.6L.
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