2006 Cadillac STS Questions

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onstar code P 00056
It sounds like it's coming from the fan but the fan is not hitting nothing and i don't think that would keep it front starting
It does not crank only click I have to do that a few times before it will start....
Why do I have to keep trying to start my car over and over before it will start up....could it be my ignition switch?
car does not start shows no fobs on dash once or twice a weak
And trun over in till I push the button to turn it off can you help me
The caddie shutdown and accessory active light comes on. Then starts up when I start it.
Service stability system service steering system brake assist light is on and abs and traction lights then my brakes lock while I am driving
The car starts up first crank when its been sitting for a couple hours but once it is warm and you shut it off for less than 5 minutes it will start right back up, more than 5 minutes and it just cranks and cranks then when it stops cranking and you try it again it start on the second try almost every time
At no given time, my 2006 STS traction control light comes up on dash and car loses use of gas, unable to proceed. I have to pull over and shut engine down.
Once the car warms up, it stops but stays on.
This never happened I just started it and the part below the mph gauge turned orange and stayed orange I can hardly read what is shown
I have been having lots of issues with my car. The battery dies overnight just sitting but once it starts back up it runs great. I had the battery tested and its fine. I have not checked the alternator. Lastnight it died and after I got a jump every one of my dummy lights stayed on and the wheel was tight the whole drive home. This morning I wake up to a dead car that won't read my FOBS. I really think its the computer chip in my car. PLEAAASE HELP !
car vibrates when stopped in traffic.
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