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Where can you mount a sunpass on a 2005 Cadillac STS with adaptive cruise control, heads up display, collision avoidance and rain sense
For some reason my climate control is losing all power and not working sometimes then i start the car it will come on the a few min later go back off any ideals
What do I do & how do I take care of this matter
Like wen i get on on the freeway n i accelerate it struggles to go (lil shakes)
I know I need a bank 1 o2 sensor ((upstream))
Could that b it??
When I'm driving the heat or the AC is always on. It won't turn off. I try to turn it off but it make a weird noise.
The seat just doesnt go back apl the way
The bushings went out on the front end of the suspension on my '05 Cadillac sts. What I want to know is if the bushings can be replaced, or do I need to replace the whole A-arm?
when brakes applied all lights go out
When i take off,i can feel a vibration but goes away right a 2-3 second vibration.i took it to a mechanic here and first he said center bearing support on drive shaft ,well didnt fix the he said the front and rear couplers on drive shaft,and that didnt fix it,can someone help me out here please?i dont wanna spend more money on it until i know for sure what it is.thank you
And on my instrument panel it states "speed limited to 80" is that a factory setting or the previous owner set it that way and how don't get it removed?
I've changed the alternator and still rough ride
I have a thud noise that sounds like it's coming from the rear end when shifting from park to drive or park to reverse or when it's downshifting as well sometimes. I have a 2005 Cadillac STS. 6 cylinder. Automatic trans. What do you think it is?
While driving down the road, car failed to accelerate.... Then with pedal to the floor, began accelerating.... Once car was shut off and then put back on again, problem was not there but check engine was still on....
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