2012 Cadillac SRX Questions

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Once engaged sound is gone.
I have a battery or starter would not start sounding like a low battery condition. then loud clicking sounds started for 30 minutes until turned off by AAA road service.
Used the remote key while in the car to start up and leave on a trip. Sound made of engine not wanting to turn over. Turned it off and then a loud clicking sound started continuous for 30 minutes until AAA service arrived. He started car with battery equipment after he disengaged the starter motor. I do not know whether there is a battery problem or a starter problem. Need help.
Recently had an oil change . Car now drives very hard/rough and sounds loud when I'm driving?
If I ease up on the brake pedal, the car is fine again.
Will not stay up. acts like a garage door that senses an obstruction in it's path.
In snow or slippery conditions, doesn't seem I have the traction I should have with AWD.
My rear-view camera (shown in rear-view mirror) has become blurry. I've cleaned the camera lens, but no improvement. Is the camera difficult to replace?
Most of the time the screen is black, purchased my SRX used.
Got a used 2012 cadillac SRX yesterday.
After driving of 5 minutes, I see some heat in the front grill, and also I feel engine hot.
I don't see any peculiar indicators on other than rear axle service. Is that engine heat normal, or how hot should an engine be after driving. I see coolant to be half full. So not sure if any major problem in gasket. Please advise. It's under warranty and hope they service on what is required.
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