2011 Cadillac SRX Questions

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whenever car is turned off they stay on and will not turn off until I disconnect the battery. light switch has no effect
When I push the push start button, it does not respond
while driving AC just stops running. power lights still on....
Foot already on brake pedal
lift gate does not sense obstruction when closing almost lost my hand
My check engine light came on and I had OnStar run a diagnostic test and then they connected me to my dealership service department. Upon further checking I was told I need a new catalytic converter. My check engine light has since gone off and I am not experiencing the "hard" driving I have been told will come when it really goes bad. the code I believe was P04.
After replacing the batteries, each FOB, in turn, will stop working. In one it's every 2-3 weeks, in the other, 3 to 5 weeks. I have replaced about 4 different batteries, so I don't think it's the batteries. Dealership wants me to come in and spend $150 just to look at the problem....maybe something with the electrical system (I do not receive a low battery warning on my console)
Not sure why a 2011 Cadillac would lose sound like this. All sounds inside the car have been lost.
We noticed the temperature was warming in the car and could not get the air to really cool down, even recycling the air in the car. Took it to a dealer in Marshall, Tx. They said the compressor is going out, not maintain enough.pressure to cool well. They added coolant and oil, seems to be working OK now. They want almost $1000 to fix. Does this sound right?
When backing up, should lines show how close you to an object, just like he front when you're to close. Both front and back beeps but only front show the lines indicating how close on the info center. I had my rear bumper replaced due to accident. I can't recall if it worked prior to repairs, I only had my car 2 months. I have a 2011 Cadillac SRX
I recently got new tires on my vehicle about 3 weeks ago at a Cadillac dealership. While I was there, they checked some recall work. After I got the car back, the navigation seems to be acting funny. If I delete previous addresses or change the time, when I restart the vehicle it goes back to the previous settings. Any suggestions to what is happening?
i now have heavy water that has leaked into the carpet on the passenger side only...what do you think the problem is ? this is the 1st time i noticed the carpet on passenger side soaked. I wonder why the plastic on headlights has moisture inside.
After towed to dealership they claim throwing 22 codes all caused by low bsttery. Car would not drive in forward or reverse but no other signs of low battery when towed
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