2010 Cadillac SRX Questions

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it comes on as soon as it is started hesitates a little first driving off
I saw the post on how to fix the leak but how did everyone remove the water and get the damp smell out?
car making a grinding/bumping noise on rough roads or when hitting a bump. service stabilatrak continually on screen.
Light comes on either sensor needs replaced or reset
Need to service parking monitor system, air bag system, tire monitor system, and seat belt ligh stays on. Costs?
Car has AWD
Could it be a fuse? The front vents work very well. Their are no controls in the back to turn on/off or adjust.
Engine light is on and i checked it and is crankshaft sensor. Would this have anything to do with the AWD not working
How can i find out the cost ?
Just wondering which is better for this type of car?
back and forward work seat up and down work ,let back but won't come up
control on the door won't open it or fob. fuse is good can some one please help me figure this out.
Just started to accelerate and heard a clunk like noise in rear end
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