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we got woke up this morning with our horn of our car sound staying on solid and wont turn off whats wrong?????
Occasionally when SRX is unlocked via key fob, the horn will blow and 4 chirps will follow. This happens randomly, whether the car was touched or not. Also doesn't matter which fob is used, #1 or #2
it's not showing any leakage on the ground but it is moist to the touch around the hoes has not ran hot the over flow hose is very short about 6 inches long and just hangs not attached to anything
pulled wire off # 3 and sound went away so I changed coil on #3...when Ifired it up, the spark/snap sound is there...No oil around old plug ..Defective new coil????who can help????
The vertical fin broke off but the screw bottom of the antenna is in the base and I cannot remove it;I am afraid to gouge it out and cause damage to the base. Do I need a special tool? Appreciate any advise.
Many Thanks
I just started receiving an alert warning in my radio screen. It immediately causes the radio to jump up and down. Any idea what this could be?
I need to replace the recliner motor
could you please tell me what each of these codes mean on my 2006 Cadillac srx 3.6 liter P0008, P0446, P0016, P0496, P0024, and P0021. These are the codes that was read from the car from the check engine light. the car want start, maybe one of these codes may get it started again. or maybe you can tell me what to do to get it started. it has 186,000 miles on it. I stop to get gas, cut the car off ,gas up got in the car to go after gasing it up and it wouldn't start, just truning over like it is not getting any fire to the motor. hope you can help. never had anything like this to happen to me before. I was told it was the crank sensor, I changed that it still wouldn't start. I don't want to spend a lot of money on it if it is not going to start. please help
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