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it feels like a banging in the rear end
I need to change this on my car I've got the part I've gotten into my fuel pump where I imagined this would have been located can anyone help please
my car showed check coolant level. After filling coolant tank to full I noticed it was leaking under the car. A complete leak. Is this a major cost involved? Also, should I drive the car or have it towed to mechanic?
cylinders 2 4 6 are not firing. found one bad coil and replaced but still running rough.
Any ideas as to problem and repair?
Ithe started summer no air conditioning. closer to fall..realized when I pressed the gas it blew a little but air stilled worked just wasn't blowing. then as I stopped at lights, noticed a really sweet smell (smelled like a bakery). had the car fixed 4 times now. the blower now works but no heat on the drivers side. the passenger side has heat. I still smell the sweet odor. headlights again after a month have died and no blinkers in front, only in back. I'm a women professional who drives 3 hours to work from home. I watch the gages and it stays at normal. just doesn't get warm on drivers side.
Initially with torrential with any wind driven rain. Initially thought caused by a small piece of deteriorating weather stripping on rear lift gate, but water is now infiltrating vehicle on both rear driver's side as well as passenger side. I don't want to trade it, but need an immediate fix!
It does not make a noise at all when you hit the button.
The wheels wanna kick out
I was bumped from the rear when this started could it be a sensor it does the same thing when i hit the remote key unlock and it won't stop until i hit lock
Rpms jump from 1700 to 2300 when trying to maintain speed with foot barely on pedal.. when accelerating hard seems to run and shift fine.. but when taking it easy it shifts hard and runs inconsistently.. yesterday the DIC read transmission hot idle engine.. online it seems this may happen if fluid is low or old? Also read about a 800$ fix about replacing Trans lines and cooler.. seems like this is a comment problem with these but solutions are vague.. help please..
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