2003 Cadillac Seville STS Questions

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I need to get the battery out to replace it with a new battery but it is located under the back sear & I do not know how to get the seat out
How to remove the back seat to get to the battery underneath so I can install new battery
I ran out of gas and immediately put gas back into it. I then went to crank it up but the brakes were locked up and it wouldn't turn completely over. on the dashboard it read, "Service Fuel System." But it's also saying Service air bag and everything else. I think the PCM has tripped. What do you think and what can I do?
I have a 2003 Cadillac STS. A/C works fine however, heat blows cold. Using a simple temperature test I have verified coolant appears to be flowing through heater core, not 100% certain but trouble isn’t leading me that way. I have checked all the actuators I can find, one on left and right side of console. One is bad however it is located lower rear left/drivers side and appears to function for rear controls on which nothing works.
I even pulled the cabin filter and while it was nasty and corroded, I believe sufficient air should have passed though. Anyways I am testing without it being reinstalled. I just reattached the cover so air would not leak out the cabin filter access port.
I am at a loss and could use some guidance. I am now thing of taking apart the entire duct work assembly under the dash. I rather not since access it and the various screws holding its various parts will suck.
Anyone who believes the know what’s wrong chime in, I will pay for a solution.
Im getting camshaft codes and misfire codes I already replaced one sensor how can I find out what else is causing the misfire
It was working when I parked it in the garage. One week later when I started it the guage went to full, then went to empty. I filled the tank that day and it remained on empty.
My 2003 Seville STS, VIN 9, needs new transmission. Can I replace it with one from 2003 SLS or DeVille? Will one from cars model year 200-2002 work? If not, can I swap transmission AND computer wit SLS model? I don't care about loosing some performance, I just need to repair it for less.
I replaced the fuel pump when it failed. Car drove fine after that, however, the gas gauge still didn't read correctly. The car quit again about a month later with no warning. In fact I started the car after I came out of a store, turned the car back off after a minute to go into another store. When I came out again about 20 minutes later it wouldn't start. Once I got the car home we played around with it a little and after taking the fuel pump out and then putting it back in because we noticed a disconnected wire the car started. We let it run for 5 minutes but then it wouldn't start again a few minutes later. Any ideas before I purchase another fuel pump? I've had a friend do this work for me, not a garage.
Car is hard to start, but when started it ran fine. Now it stalls, won't tack up even at full throttle. Acts like it's running out of gas. Then will spit and sputter, then straiten up and run fine again? HELP!
diagram available showing these locations,
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