2002 Cadillac Seville STS Questions

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service engine light was on then went off and this came up on display.
Speed limited to 90
my car is saying service charging system battery not charging should I get a new battery
Just went to advance auto use there scan tool the only cylinder it detected was a misfire on number eight I cleared the code with the scan tool and put a bottle of fuel injector cleaner in it on my way back home the light started flashing again then went solid for about a mile then went out. Stayed of for about 2 miles then came back on flashing then solid again shut the car off light stayed of for about 5 min then did same thing all over again !!! Really getting frustrated any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!!
I replaced the plugs while I was in there I also sprayed some throttle body cleaner around the intake just to be sure I didn't have a bad intake gasket , no change in the skip !! I sprayed round the vacuum line going into the front of the intake as well no change , I cleared the code and went for a drive light came back on within a half mile , this morning I went to a friends house light was on about half way there the light went out but came back on when I pulled into his driveway , it seems the light went out after hitting a bump in the road !! My question is ,, could a bad ground create this problem
I shifted my car into park while driving about 5 miles an hour now it shift from park to neutral and rolls but it won't engage on the dash into gear not of the gears work is this a easy problem
I had my hubs rotors bearing tires balance cv axle job done and there is a wire hanging down left unplugged and I would like to know where it plugs into
We just purchased this CAR used with 68,000 miles on it and I have been told that the above condition maybe signs that the Head Gasket is close to failing causing sever engine problems.. is this true?
Car won't always start with key but will with remote start button (aftermarket I believe). Engine will die when brake pedal touched unless I set the alarm (also aftermarket) open the door to activate alarm and push reset button on remote. Door lock sometimes open while driving and the alarm will go off while driving. I would deactivate the aftermarket alarm but I don't know how it is attached to the car's system.
Car sometimes starting park and sometimes in neutral but never 100% reliable. Battery seems to drain and the onboard system gave 30 currents codes. Could it be a tcc solenoid? Safety neutral switch? Pcm? Bcm? Ecm? Linkage? Key and fob? Need help with it car runs excellent once started. Starts most the time in neutral. I dont have the key fob or original key. Codes B3832, b3833, b2463, c1246, c1282, c0615, c0620, c0635, c0690, p0106, p0121, p0132, p0133, p0137, p0138, p0150, p0151, p0154, p0155, p0174, p0175, p0203, p0204, p0207, p0208, p0300, p0325, p0335, p0336, p0351.
I changed out the battery and the car still dying after it sit at night.
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