1998 Cadillac Seville STS Questions

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Was driving died now no fire or fuel to the motor
the heat don't work
I've took it to different places and they all tell me different things like it's the battery or its the alternator, I've also took off the positive cable to the battery and the car stayed on. On the dashboard it says battery not charging and charging system service.
came and went at first now permanent. Wipers also stop in up position when turned off
Had sunroof replaced because the factory one had died. When got car back homelink and the lights in the console stoped workong . And when I spoke to the people that installed it, they told me that the lights didn't work when I brought it in. Used homelink to shut garage the day I dropped the car off. If it is a power ground problem I can rewire if I now the fastest way to know if no power is the problem
And the windshield wiper speed modal still works. Any other questions please feel free to email
Motor just turning over
Ser Eng liteon code P0404 ERG sensor position open or shorted. Where is the EGR VALVE and sensor located?
I have my car disassembledglovebox and side panels located at least 2 accuator mtrs and adjusting climate controls the motors don't move. I have located both fuse boxes no fuses blown reset computers by removing pos terminal on fuse boxes reset driver RKS. my question is what is the sequence of operation?
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