1996 Cadillac Seville STS Questions

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My car would randomly stall (completely die) whether going slow or very fast on the highway. It was happening only once or twice every six months, but progressively got worse till it was like every other time I drove it. The garage had my vehicle for a week, replaced crankshaft position sensors, spark plugs, oil change and tire rotation for $836.00. It stalled two times driving it home. Called the garage, they said I could bring it in on monday, but they didn't sound like they were standing by their work or anything....they were not reassuring at all.....What is the best way for me to handle this? Thank you. (P.S. no current codes, only historical)
1996 Cadillac sts. Just replaced the radiator, and thermostat. When we do hwy speed 100km or more engine says hot. There r no leaks any where., all the belts r working. No clue what could be wrong. Any ideas....?
example I can auto adjust the temp and the lt side in all modes works but the rt always stays hot
Vignition just click when starting
car was repaired at dealership this is all that is left that needs to be done
I did a by pass to the theft system and it worked for a few but the problem is still there my radio, heater,etc... does not work but the car starts and runs. I need the car to be like it was smooth and sweet, what can i do?
I turned car on. traction light appeared. that is sopose to mean its disabled. But it isnt. It is constantly trying to run. I tried shutting off manually.removing fuses etc. Also disconnected battery.Light disapeared after battery disconnect. But returned.Now the front steering tries to cease when i turn left or right. and makes a grinding and then a clunk noise. While driving forward a humming noise. all this started when testing fuses.Any clue what i might have done?
what on that fuse is causing it and what do i do to fix it
the original system was gone when i bought it,trying to put original equipment back in..
i just bought it and am having work done to it
recently my car was doing ok. then while up shifting it goes like into neutral and then when i back off the accelerator it kicks in again but it wont go past 40.mph.other than that I love my jet.thanks for your help.
My cadillac just started skipping when it reaches 60mph the rpm gage will rise to 3 thousand and continue to skip until i slow down. i hear a slight whinning noise when i drive it, and it takes a moment to shift gears could i be low on transmission fluid? or is it something else?
1996 sts installed new battery after i thought the one that was in there was bad - I put in a goo napa with 1000 cranking amps. car runs for a few weeks then sits a couple of days then dead.. voltage is showing good 13.5 to 14.0. when running & checked by my mechanic what do i do
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