1994 Cadillac Seville STS Questions

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When it backfires misses and stumbles it will overheat. Today it did this but now doesn't want to start. What would be problem
car set with dead battery for two years.
I just bought a brand-new battery for my 94 Cadillac sts I put the battery in and it started right up and I drove it all day then parked it in my drive way this mourning I went to start it again and nothing I mean nothing. It don't even turn over almost like there's not even an engine in it. Plus it has this constant dinging even with the door closed and no key in it, it still has that dinging sound. It's not like a ding-ding-ding-ding sound its more like a diiiinnnggg like non stop until I put the key in and turn it to the on position or diconnect only then it will stop the constant dinging. What could it be? How do I get my car drivable again? Can someone help? ASAP please! (If you live in Salem OR please come help me
The tach & speedo work fine.
The left directional & brake lights work fine, only when I use the directional or brakes. When parked & lights are on they don't work.
To narrow it down, tomorrow i am going to look at the car and need to know so i can decide. if the dude really did replace the radiator, hoses, sensor, and water pump(around1,200$ so he says). He said there was no water leak, nor any white smoke. could it be as simple as a fuse or the fan. possibly an error with the computer for the car or what? if he has already had all that work done then there cannot be too many more reasons out there. though it could always be simple, obscure, or difficult. what am i looking at for possiblities? thank you for the advice in advance. i am going to have the codes ran as soon as i get there and see what the case is there.
reset security system sts cadillac
How do I reset the security system for a 1994 cadillac sts
just got this beauty and it needs a few things done but what to do first?? coolant temp climbs at stop lights but lowers at high speeds.
this was happening before my coolant overflow tank just cracked and is now this a blown head gasket, bad water pump, or just possibly the fact the it may have frozen due to the 80% water:20% coolant my family member put in it instead of 25% water:75% coolant as the manual suggests??
I'm told the water may have frozen and then since the tank is old had then cracked when I turned it on because it couldn't handle the pressure.. maybe not any of the above but please help...dying to keep this beauty alive..
rear fan came on last week then stoped
While driving at all different speeds the speedometer will drop and engine is like its not in gear than all of a sudden it works again the engine does not act up all the time when the speedometer quits Seems to happen when car is warm/hot not cold also the gas gauge drops to e when this happens
Has anyone ever had this problem or know what causes it ?
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