1993 Cadillac Seville STS Questions

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just got the water pump fixed now its making a very bad a rattling noise
car set for two years without battery.
is their a fan switch on this vehicle? ??
tambien se quedan encendidas las luces de las ceraduras de las puertas
Car ran great when parked. Stored outside for a couple of years (canada, so gets cold winters) Charged up turns over but will not fire up. Took out backseat.... Was trying to find a way in to the fuel pump...lots of leaves and moisture inside. Removed back seat to dry area out. Not sure what to try. Any and all suggestions appreciated..
Battery holds charge, but when I fire up voltage reading is 13.7, slowly starts dropping after a couple minutes. Alternator has been replaced twice and so has the battery. Both relatively new. Cannot find replacement fuse rail anywhere. Any ideas appreciated.
I have a 1993 seville sts, I have been trying to find out why its missing and running rough. when its cold and not warmed up its fine, but then starts to act up more and more. I have no engine lights on and cants find any codes in the system. I have new plugs, wires, fuel pump, TPS, air filter, fuel filter, ecm and still nothing. all my grounds are good and free of rust. I tried a suggested test to check the coil packs, (remove the two wires from each one and see if they arc to each other) I dont know if thats a legit way to test them, but Im out of ideas, please please help, its not running HORRIBLE, but almost like its missing one or two cyl MAX....
checked horns with power and they are good but will not beep from stearing wheel what to do now
Tach red-lines @ 6,500+, what is the deal with these Northstar engines? Are they reliable?
No code came up. I just dont have any airflow coming out of vents.
I have checked the breakers under the hood. ALL of the fuses, maxi fuses.... STill nothing. Any ideas? Im baffled!
i do not have a tool to check the code for this problem
have applied & released the emergency brake, problem still happening.
wont stay runing ,like its out of gas
my belt keeps breaking and when i check all the pulleys they seem to be fine what could be the cause of that
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