2004 Cadillac Seville SLS Questions

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My AC blower motor went out. I replaced for a new one but still it won't work. I replace the resister still nothing. My compressor is good I checked all the fuses are all good so I need help to what I'm doing wrong or some assistance so I could get this right. As voltage so I'm confused why it's not working.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Air conditioning blower motor just won't work
How long have you had this problem? A month
i was wondering which cars had the best.. or lowest score, is there a chart ranked that the vistors to this site can look at? or maybe online somewhere? just wondering which cars are the cheapest to repair, thanks
my gas needle goes from F to E without adding gas. it seems as if the needle is drunk
The edges are dark with the center almost clear but still has a double image hard on the eyes. Is this something new or does it need to be replaced?
Is it a switch in the colum problem or a bad blinker switch?
I can flash high beams when I pull back on turn signal, but won't remain on when I push it.
code say speed sensor low voltage
car info was entered.The car is a 2004 Seville SLS.
How do I repair this problem
There is water leaking into the passanger side floor. It appears to be flowing from the Blower Motor ane Duct work under the dash. It really sloches out with a right turn.
I just bought this Seville SLS. Fine car, no doubt. Washer fluid pump doesn't pump. Could intake port be clogged, or is it a relay/pump issue?
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