2001 Cadillac Seville SLS Questions

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They jus stopped working a few days ago, fuses r ok
What do we do? The scariest part is the seat moving while driving. Sometimes it will smash the driver into the steering wheel and sometimes it will move way back and recline. This is too dangerous to be driving! No telling when this will happen. We can handle the windows not working or radio turning on and off, but this can be scary. The kids have dubbed the car Christine.- the possessed car in Stephen King movie.
there is a white plastic thing with a hose conected broke from speed still runs thinking maybe air conditioner part ??
It overheated today but this time there is coolant under vehicle. It seems to have come from underneath where the coolant gets poured into. It shows that there is coolant in the reservoir. Could I have blown something? What does it sound like to you? Thank you
I need every detail
About a week ago my car started yp make a loud clinking noise when accelerating and was wondering if the pulley going out could of caused this. Car only made the clinking noise when ac was on and I accelerated when it was off nothing. Just want to know of that could be the problem
It is right above the engine cover plate in fron of the drivers front wheel. It is black container with a filter and a cooloing hose runs close to it. There were two filters but the hard plastic had desinagrated, so the shape is unknown.
I replaced the battery last Friday and now all of a sudden the key is stuck. You can turn it on and off and it drives but it is harder to move in reverse or drive. It goes in park but does not seem to go all the way and the key will not come out of the ignition
my seat moves every time I turn my car off n I have to move it back every time I get in n its annoying
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