2000 Cadillac Seville SLS Questions

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My gas gauge is spinning I cant tell how much gas is in the tank.
I cannot tell when I need gas
I can't tell accurately when I need gas
After replacing the radiator i find a coolant on the backside of the motor between transmission and motor unable to find source. are there freeze plugs or a hose in the back side of the motor.oil check fine it only overheats when coolant is low
any power there checked fuses and relays
What is the point of a air check system valve? Will it make u fail inspection?
My Seville SLS is a beauty. However, the simulated ragtop (which is beige) has "print-thru" of the glue spreading all over the top. It is darker than the original factory beige color--making blemishes that embarrass the vehicle and me. At first I thought is was mold, but even if it is, it is coming from UNDERNEATH the fabric.

Is ther a re-color kit I can use to cover this...the rag itself is completely intact and not torn, so I'd hate to have to replace it altogether if there is another remedy. Searched the entire web with various keywords and can't find a solution. If you can, PLEASE HELP!!!

I'm getting a code "P-0303 Misfire Detected in Cylinder 3" from the emissions tester, so won't pass as the Service Engine Soon light keeps blinking. Spark plug in Cyl 3 had some oil on it. I blew out the socket, changed the rubber tube and the plug but the error will not remain cleared--keeps coming back. I wanted to switch the coil packs around to see if the problem is with the rear coil pack or something else instead. I can't drive with no tags/registration, so before taking to a shop I want to be certain what the problem is. ThanX!
Car won't accelerate but idles down the road just fine it will not go over 15mph any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I suspect catletic converter.
Is there an override button??
have already tried putting in a new battery
Should I invest and get fixed or turn around and sell on craigslist for what I payed. I have heard oil leaks are such a common problem after I bought it, the car only had 89000 miles on it I thought it would be a good buy!
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