1997 Cadillac Seville SLS Questions

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Daytime running lights do not switch over to regular headlights at night. But instrument panel light come on when car is started at night, then go off after a few it the daytime running light sensor and if so...what is the part number...
Don't know what it could be
Car shuts off while waiting for green signal. Did not pass inspection for the following codes PO151, PO171, PO174, PO305
I had a fuel pump installed in 2012 and now its bad again
This morning I went out and let the car idle for about 5 min. I went to back out of my driveway and cramped wheel a little no more than is usual every morning. I went to pull forward and the car shutters whenever you turn the wheel. Not sure what issue is any help appreciated! First time issue has ever occured and car is drove nearly everyday as I am a commuting college student.
is there anything I can put in the tank when I fill it up that could possible clean it up if it gummed up from setting awhile with that ethanol fuel in it?
I have refelled coolent two times and still running hot. once car reachers opt. temp no water leaks from any were. I not sure how to get air out of systems.
Car has been over heating...replaced water pump and hoses, also did a flush. Everything was fine for a month or so, then had metal hoses ran fine again after a long distance trip. Now, car is back to over heating with the oil light blinking on and off...could it be oil pump? Also schedule to have head gasket replaced due to the over heating be on the safe side...err on the side of caution...
4.6 liter northstar engîne
when I started a day later with the ac service light on the anti brake and traction control also came on
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