1994 Cadillac Seville SLS Questions

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I replaced the HEATER CORE, now the fans do not come on.
How to bypass.antitheft security system
How to bypass.antitheft security system
When changing the spark plugs we didn't realize how stuck they were and broke the head of one in the ratchet socket. What would be the best option to get the threading out of the engine? We're thinking of taking off the head to see if we can get to the plug from underneath.
Where termastat is compressor location in same area
Every time I try and start my car I have to try and crank it repeatedly before it finally starts. New battery. Car also kinda cuts off while driving. It sometimes seems like I took my foot off the gas pedal then kicks right back in or on in some cases. Just bought car didn't do on test drive not sure what the problem is.
then it will start up again
get a code P0390
after I did oil change and ts not leaking oil
replaced front wheel bearings and sensors. problem still there. Problem did not start until i replaced my front drivers side tire and the next day my back rear tire blew and had to be replaced. Not sure what to do? Or if i disable it will that damage the car. Please guide me.
My check engine light isn't on but on the message board it says service engine soon. What does that mean? It's a 1994 seville
Soon what does that mean
sometimes the message comes on, some days not. Replaced oil pressure switch at dealer and the message and sound was constant so they reinstalled my old part and I am back to the sporadic message and sound. It must be a false read. Dealer said oil pressure was at 12 psi at idle and increases with rpm it should be at 5 psi at idle. Now they say it might be a faulty ipc (instrument panel control). How can this be fixed or can the warning sound be disconnected, the message I can live with but the warning sound is irritating. Before the dealer experience, another shop said oil pressure was good and replaced the current oil switch. So the switch that I have is actually a replacement from the OEM part.
I crank my car an let it idle after 3 or 4 min it say engine hot an shut off
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