2002 Cadillac Seville Questions

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If i put 4 quarts in, my dash reads, 92% oil life. Within two hrs, dip stick bare. Tried stop leak, didnt work. Acts like its not getting gas. Bad battery. 28 codes. Just bought 2002 seville
My 2002 Cadillac sls climate control does not work.
The coolant is getting into the exhaust because I can smell it in the exahust.
Some times it may kick in but mostly not. How can i fix this..
The A/C works fine except that it now blows black greasy foam out of the vents everytime it is in use. What causes this and is it worth fixing?
i have a recently purchased '02 sevelle that will only blow hot air regardless of my settings. no ac at all. any ideas?
I tried what the manual said but did not fix it.
My car had to have an inspection and it had to be waiver. They told me because it had a recall. Does this mean I wont be able to get it in inspected next year? i cant find anything online about a recall that has do with the spark plugs and coil pack
The car has been sitting without driving battery was dead. Been sitting for about 7 months belongs to son who is gone. Finaaly bought a battery. Everything comes on strong, but will not crank at all completely soundless and dead.
how do we get the air delivery mode door actuator checked
hoses feel warm but does not heat car
When automatic windows stopped working on my 2002 Cadillac SLS, I needed to find another rear fuse block and started looking at a block from a later year (2005)...but is missing terminals.. I am unable to get part for 2002 and have not found any in junk yards. Any suggestions??? thanks, Frank
how to replace 2002 Cadillac Seville SLS Windshield Washer pump
to day i go to the cadillac dealer for a recallis and the cadi say it is not one on it bot you have one on it ok so what to do now ples tail me i have a 202 cadi seville ok so ples e-mail me back or call me at 972-374-7998 i am mike bivins
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