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My 2000 Cadillac Seville blew a gasket two months ago. The repairman replaced the radiator and and put in a new hose. He said it was no guarantee and I needed a new motor. I tried using the car for a while but it still over heated after 10 or 15 minutes. It lost power a week ago. I parked it. I turned it on to see if it would turn over. It turns over fine and everything lights up. Now it has an engine light illumination and the message is Low Coolant. I'm looking for another car, but, would like to know what could be the issue. Could it be the catalytic converter?
Where is it located?? Thanks
My front pass.side break is staying on all the time
The break is locking up front passenger side
Leaking alot of fluid, I think it is the seal, what do you think and how much to repair?
The low coolant light just came on. Does it mean a leak?
got fire everything works but engine wlii not turn over the car is at home the problem occurs every time i try to start it.
what is wrong with my car everything work got fire but the engine will not turn over at home the problem occurs every time i try to start it
about a month ago at home every time that i try to start it
The "check engine" light comes on and sometimes goes off. Lately it has been staying on. The diagnostic code comes up with 10 different codes. How can you tell which one it is without having to check each one?
AC does not produce cold air an drivers side. Dealership failure three times. Two actuators and $800 did not correct. Low refrigerant & refill corrects symtom temporarily. No AC oil leaks found. Any good info out there? Frustrated, broke and desperate. GM cust serv usls.
what to put on a coolant leak in a 2000 cadillc,until we get time to take it to a car just have a small leak on the coolant plastic tank at the bottom of it wear the hose is ,but we checked that the hose an avery thing a it's not the hose at all.
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