1998 Cadillac Seville Questions

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On my dash when i first cranik up the car everything is fine then the words service ride cintrol comes on. The air bags work perfect;y fine so i dont know what it could be.
how much to change head gasket
When i put the car into Reverse it does not back up it acts like its in neutral but the other gears work fine what could it be.
System Stability Control light comes on and the brake system fails for about 3 to 5 seconds. At this time there is a hard vibration in the brake pedal. The car does not leak any power steering fluid. also the back end of the car sits low. I know that the rear shocks are going, but are these two problems related? My mechanis states that the brakes are in great shape. The light is not on constantly and is never on when I first start the engine. It comes on nearly every time I drive the car though, usually when I am breaking but not all the time. Please advise
have changed mode actuator, body control module, hvac control panel, still no lower heat/a/c. any suggestions? Note: unit was scanned with a Tech 2, codes set were for the items replaced. Any further suggestions?
Every couple of weeks the car wont start. It will turn over. If you pump the gas a few times it might start. Sometimes it wont start for a few days. It has a new fuel pump. Doesn't show any codes. It has been towed to the garage twice. While at the garage it would start every time. One garage even kept it for a few weeks and checked it randomly and it started every time. It has had a tune up and the throttle body cleaned.
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