1994 Cadillac Seville Questions

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I replaced coolant cross over gaskets and water pump gaskets and seal and every time it runs and starts to build pressure it starts leaking
1994 cadsilac seville wont sshift into 2nd if speedometor is not working will the computer not know when to sshift
My mechanic can't seem to fix the idle speed. He's put in plugs and wires. He's set it to specs. I mean he has all the code readers and tools and knowledge.
Could this be the O2 sensor?
The car misses at 40-45 in overdrive change to drive 3 and it quits any insight
Car has been causing problems for sometime now. Computer has been changed Map sensor been changed with factory one.Wire harness to map sensor been replaced. Manifold gasket been checked for vaccum leak. Plug in harness coming out of manifold had connection issues so I cut all 14 wires and soder all of them and used heat shrink on all of them.Car will run great for so many miles and never know how many and for some reason service soon light will come on start hesatation and even stall out sometime.I am at a loss car is to unsafe to drive. Am I overlooking something or do I have a ground problem or voltage problem. Could you tell me how to go any further with this problem. When car is not acting up it runs great. I think it was a mistake for GM to put Map Sensor under manifold. Can you please help me. Please Reply. Thank You. Bob.
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