1993 Cadillac Seville Questions

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When you turn on the switch it moves just under the empty snd the car read tha it's very low in fuel
Fluid fairly debris free but slightly burnt smell? Dark red color. Just changed 30000 ago. 101000 tot. Mls. Whine/grind, comes and goes with performance. What now!!?? 2wks?? Of symptoms
So my brake lights stay on when my headlights are on, when Im not using the headlights they are off and work normal. Could this maybe be my brake light switch?
i am needing to know how to change my spark plugs and wires to my car
the rear is unusually high
a/c air comes from the defroster and floor but not from the dash. On the 1993 seville would it be a vacum leak or mode door actuator issue(possibly both)? Received code P061 so does that pertain to the actuator?
history code p061, i052, p052
I turned off the engine, when I tried to start it again the starter kicks but the engine will not turn over as if it's stuck or locked.
The whole muffler has been removed due to noises in the pipes has been going on for about a couple weeks.
I was driving kids home from school and all dash lights went out and heater stays on i checked fuses and only one blown was IPC BATT but as soon as i put new one in it blows even with no key in ignition.i checked alternator with voltimeter and was 13.84 also checked at fusebox IPC BATT pins and it was same.
my fuel gauge is stuck on full how do i fix this problem
I am replacing my compressor and accumilator on a 4.9l seville. Everything I've read says to measure the oil in the component your removing and add that much oil. Except for where the manual says to add 3.5 ounces for a new accumulator. But I'm betting that my system has virtually no oil left in it, and I would just like to know what a full oil charge is. I am converting to r134a and have blown out the evap and soon the condensor. I'd hate to install the replacement compressor and not have enough oil in it.
My 1993 Seville is giving me a code Left o2 sensor is bad.Where is the left o2 sensor located?THANK YOU in advance
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