1991 Cadillac Seville Questions

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Vehicle will start then dies after 1 minute approx. Fuel Pressure is 40#, have replaced injectors all 8, changed fuel filter. Acts like it is starving out. It has 4.9 Liter motor
It runs a lot better on the open road but when in stop and go traffic the coolant indicator will sometime exceed 230 degrees depending on how long I have to wait in traffic or at a traffic light. I have replaced the radiatio, water pump, water hoses, thermostat, fan switches, serpintine belt
The heater fan works but does not blow hot air when the heater is on. Warmer air does seem to seep into the cabin.
Passive struts were installed on the seville. How do I stop the warnig light from coming on?
Have changed plugs and wires. Plugs driver side running rich.
I went to a Cad. Dealer they took the old keys and the ones that came with the column I put in made keys but they did not work. How do I change Comps, in this car. I can get the comp. from the car I got the steering column out of will that work.
replaced fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs and wires, new computer, change the oil had the tiimng checked and it does not have any codes showing up and NO CHECK ENGINE light on...
Mint 21K original mile car, trunk pull down feature always worked fine before I left car at apolstery shop. When I picked car up the trunk lid was latched, but not fully closed. Apolstery shop owner claimed failed pull down switch or pull down motor. My guess is that they caused the problem by slamming the trunk lid down, maybe more than once, trying to close it before becoming aware of pull down feature. Who is probably right & how do I fix it?
my transmission will not shift out of first gear.
i was driving down the highway when my speedometer went to zero.i put a new raditor in the week before.
~I was driving down the street, the car just stopped and it won't start.What can I check first, second etc..
I put a new battery in my 91 cadillac seville, and as soon as i hooked it up, the computer in the car says "please remove ignition key, ignition disabled due to anti-theft system." But the key isn't even in the ignition! I've tried un-hooking the battery and hooking it back up, putting the key in and waiting, ect everything!! help!
CCR lioght remains on. Pump is ok and mechanic made visual inspection and found no issues.
where are the fuses for the fuel injectors located?
me and my husband just bought a 1991 cadi for 900 bucks it has 171,000 miles on it but its in crazy good condition, the previous owner had it for 6 years and did all the right up keep even added a hydrogen defibrillator to the engine to get some better gas millage, along with taking it to the Cadillac dealerships and getting tune ups every 50,000 miles, i was concerned at first about how high the millage was, but he reassured me it runs great and has only ever giving him minor problems that were easy fixes, and a lot of the miles are freeway miles because he liked to drive this car when they went out of state. im just curious how many more miles this car can handle before i would have to replace the motor, does anyone out there know how long these type of cars usually last when it comes to the maximum millage?
How do you repair aline on the driver's side coming from the radiator is leaking oil
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