1995 Cadillac Fleetwood Questions

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Car may start fine and all of a sudden it doesn't start. Can wait a while and it will start. Random, but light comes on and code is always 15
I replaced the master power mirror and seat and window and power lock system but my power door locks and power mirrors still do not work. But the power windows and seats do work. What the heck is wrong?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing.
How long have you had this problem? A year.
Please help it just went off
as i understand the car will not idle in close loop mode, when its in open loop mode it runs but not good. it will run for a couple of seconds in close loop and the engine will oscillate high and low 2 or 3 times then it will die. so I disconnected the MAP Sensor and the vacuum line and put it into open loop road, it runs fine, but gets horrible fuel economy of about 7 miles. I have replaced the oxygen sensor, the distributor cap, spark plugs and wires, 2 old vacuum lines. And it still isn't running right. Could it be the throttle position senser? I am at a loss.
Up until about a week ago my car was running fine. Its cranking up but sometimes it will shut off after about 2 minutes of idling. When it stays running and I begin to drive it will stutter almost as if im running out of gas. And when it dies it will turn over but won't start for about 10-15 minutes. Temperature light is on but has been even when there was no problems.
The air conditioning blower works only occasionally, it works fine for days then now and again it doesn't blow
Car is in the philippines no gm dealer
what can we do we know interupt module is toast
the car has been running really well until yesterday when i started to accelerate the engine started to "stutter" a little then the problem seemed to go away. today i started the vehicle and it ran fine until i stooped at the lights and it started to idle rough then i went o accelerate and it didn't seem to be running on all 8 cylinders and is running rough like that all the time now. I recently had an oil change. the check engine light is not on.
If the car is not started within two days, the battery is completely dead. In the past 9-12 months, we bought two new batteries. We've taken it to three mechanics plus the dealer and are told this is a chronic problem with that year Cadillac. Until the last year this was never a problem!! The dealer used the diagnostic machine and found nothing. Car was bought new in '95 and has only 39,000 miles on it. We are at a loss and would appreciate your review and recommendations.
does not want to shift 2 to 3 also downshifts alot
i have a 1995 cadillac fleetwood its has a battery thats less than 1yr old im having trouble with it starting had battery checked it was ok alternater was good got a jump it ran but when i tirn it off it didnt start again until i put a jump box on it again then it start
Change cap rotor wires plugs distributor coil cranks but won't start
labor cost only to replace exhaust manifold
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